How Erin Lost 40 Kilos Naturally- Keto And Intermittent Fasting

No gastric surgery, no weight loss pills, just a change in diet and some exercise helped Erin transform her body and change her life. With this scientific weight loss strategy and lots of discipline, she lost an incredible 40 kilograms.

Erin calls herself keto_bear_ on her Instagram profile after the diet that led her to success: the keto diet.

The American is a mother of a little girl and, in addition to her weight problems, she had to overcome other challenges and difficult periods in her life.

Besides, the weight problem became a severe threat to her health. So she finally made a promise to herself to change all of this.

From 114 kg to 72 kg in one year

For a whole year, Erin was on a strict ketogenic diet, and she had great success. She revealed that she was surprised by how much she achieved with this dietary change in a post.

Erin has spent almost her entire adult life on a diet. But because of her food addiction, she never had real success. 

She was a binge eater, which she says she is still recovering from. Erin gave herself one last chance; if it didn’t work this time, she told herself, she would accept herself as a ‘big girl.’

Lose weight with science

Erin’s last attempt to beat her binge eating worked; she lost a whole 40 kilos. However, the reason for this is not only the right attitude.

The keto approach is based on science, studies back up its effectiveness, and it represents a promising opportunity, especially for Erin’s body type.

Keto Diet and Low-Carb Nutrition 

On her profile, Erin not only posts lots of comparison pictures, but also her food. What looks like unhealthy junk food at first glance is part of a well-thought-out nutrition strategy.

The main goal of the keto diet is to switch the body from glucose metabolism to fat metabolism. This can be achieved with a diet that is very low in carbohydrates and high in fat.

The body normally uses carbohydrates as the primary energy source. However, in ketosis, it uses dietary fats as an alternative energy source. 

This diet requires a lot of discipline. And it can have some side effects, especially in the first 4 weeks. 

Snacking during the keto diet

For example, on Erin’s profile, you’ll find a bacon and cheese sandwich with tortilla chips on the side. A slip? Quite the opposite! This menu follows the keto diet guidelines, as Erin uses zero-carb bread and special chips that are keto-friendly. 

Erin doesn’t have to give up sweets at any time either because she relies on products specifically geared towards low carb diets for this, too. 

In this way, she has managed to stay on the ball even when she has cravings and not fall back into old destructive behavior.

Losing weight thanks to keto and interval fasting

Weight Loss Before and After Photos

In addition to the keto diet, Erin relies on interval fasting in her journey.

Due to the longer fasting period, the body is conditioned to draw the energy it needs from existing body fat.

In addition, the extended time off given to the digestive tract each day is good for gut health.

Erin has managed to turn her life around with this strategy – she now feels good about her body and openly shares her successes, setbacks, and problems with her community.

With her comparison pictures and trying on old clothes that have become too big for her in the meantime, the American influencer also motivates herself and others to keep going even on bad days.