Lose Weight With Metabolic Typing: The Most Efficient For Better Results

You eat healthily, avoid carbohydrates as much as possible, and exercise regularly – yet your figure doesn’t change the way you want it to? This may be because your training and eating habits do not suit your body and metabolism.

There are three different types: the ectomorph, the mesomorph, and the endomorph figure types. 

Depending on your body type, metabolic activity, and body fat percentage, everyone needs different exercises and diets to achieve optimal success.

We’ll help you find out which body type you are – and explain how you should change your diet to lose weight in the long term.

Metabolic Typing

The ectomorph body type

Typical characteristics:

  • Narrow shoulders and hips
  • Long, narrow limbs and bones
  • Very little body fat
  • Very fast metabolism
  • Difficulty gaining weight

Since you have a very fast metabolism, your body utilizes the energy you consume immediately; not even fast food and sweets set in. You don’t have to worry about weight gain. Your challenge is to gain body mass and muscles.

The proper diet for the ectomorph body type: People with an ectomorph body type should increase their calorie intake because the body needs a surplus to build muscle and mass in the long run.

Ectomorph body types eat best, mainly whole carbohydrates and proteins, and little fat.

The mesomorphic body type.

Typical characteristics:

  • Athletic physique
  • Defined muscles that grow quickly
  • Low body fat

Your figure is very athletic and yet feminine. Although proportions, body fat, and muscle mass are very balanced, you have to watch your diet to avoid gain weight. Because, despite your athletic body type, you tend to be overweight, especially in your belly or hips.

The proper diet for the mesomorph body type: Even if your body fat percentage is low, you should pay attention to macronutrients. For protein intake, try to rely more on plant-based protein sources, such as legumes or tofu, and feel free to try out interval fasting. Many athletes swear by this nutritional concept.

The endomorphic body type

Typical characteristics:

  • Feminine curves
  • Barely noticeable muscles
  • High body fat percentage
  • Very slow metabolism
  • Difficulty losing weight followed by a yo-yo effect

Endomorphic types have a muscular physique, often characterized by very feminine curves. Defined muscles rarely stand out, and with soft tissue. 

People with this figure type quickly build up muscle mass. But unfortunately, they gain weight fast too, because the metabolism works very slowly and stores much of the energy as reserves.

The proper diet for the endomorphic body type:  Crash diets make no sense for this body type, as it tends to have a strong yo-yo effect and tends to put on more weight afterward. 

The best way to lose weight is a long-term diet. Eliminate empty carbohydrates and sugary foods, and very sweet fruits, which also contain a lot of fructose. 

The Mediterranean diet is particularly suitable because the menu should mainly include vegetables, fish, and other healthy proteins and fats that regulate blood sugar levels and hormone balance and help your body burn fat.