How Esmeralda Achieved Her Dream Body – Weight Loss Success Story

Over the years, Esmeralda had weight problems. And although she always thinks she’s beautiful, she wishes she had a more athletic figure in the long run. 

She changes her diet and starts to exercise more. This is how she achieves her dream body and even more self-confidence.

The young, life-affirming Frenchwoman Esmeralda likes to post-beach and vacation pictures in bikinis and beautiful dresses.

Despite the weight fluctuation, she always looks satisfied and seems comfortable in her body.

She always thought her body was beautiful, she emphasizes. But after her transformation, she feels even more comfortable and confident in her skin.

Small steps on the weight loss journey

On May 22, 2018, Esmeralda posted a picture with a friend on the beach. She has a little more weight here than in pictures from 2017.

In later posts, it becomes clear that she doesn’t want to gain more weight, and she desires a more athletic, slimmer figure.

In June 2019, she shared a post of a trip looking out to sea, giving it the caption, “What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?”

There already seems to be a shift in thinking here. Because in all the pictures on Esmeralda’s Instagram, it is clear, it is not only about the look for her, but above all about feeling comfortable in her own skin.

In 2020, she was ready to get going. More and more often, she posts photos in sports outfits and also workout videos.

But Esmeralda is also doing more in her everyday life besides her workouts. In April 18 post shows, she shared a picture of a 16-kilometer bike ride and the tip to treat yourself to variety in sports to keep motivated here. 

Long-term change instead of short-lived diets

The first before-and-after pictures are amazing. In just five weeks – from April 1 to May 10 – she drops 11 pounds.

She emphasizes in a post how important it was for her to let the physical changes go hand in hand with mental ones. Not only does she look fitter, but more importantly, she feels better.

After trying, as she says, 308 diets, she now understands that she needs to change her understanding of weight loss.

In sports and nutrition, she now makes choices for her health every day – not primarily to lose weight but to feel good in the long run.

Documented successes boost motivation

Weight Loss Before and After Photos

June 17, 2020, marks three months since she says she started taking care of herself. In that time alone, she has lost 13 pounds.

In the right picture, she is beaming, while in the before picture, her cell phone covers her mouth. She talks about how difficult the last two weeks before this post had been and reminds us that it’s not perfection that gets results but consistency.

Muscle building is a game-changer

Esmeralda’s experience isn’t just a weight loss journey. She puts her focus on weight training and, therefore, muscle building.

Stronger muscles not only helped her burn more calories even at rest, but they also work toward good posture, healthy joints, and a positive body image.

Her comparison pictures from April 1 and June 29 show how exercise has strengthened and defined her back muscles.

In the post in question, she stresses the importance of having pictures of the changes to keep in mind even the successes that aren’t as readily apparent.

9 1/2 kilos down and new goals in sight

Then, on July 27, 2020, Esmeralda gives an overall résumé. Since May 2018, she has lost a total of 21 pounds or a good 9.5 kilograms.

She feels stronger and more comfortable in her body. But the Frenchwoman is not satisfied with reaching her desired weight.

She has set herself a new goal: she now wants to build muscle.

While she never set foot in the gym for her weight loss journey, relying on dietary changes and bodyweight training, the next goal is now to be tackled with the help of weightlifting.