How Charity lost 40 kilos through intuitive eating | 12 mindful eating practices Tips

The story today is bout charity. She lost More than 80 pounds through running and intuitive eating.

Weight loss success stories are a great way to motivate you to get your life on track.

As her body increasingly affected her personal and professional lifestyle, Charity decided to lose weight. Five years later, she is not only 40 kilos lighter – her secret tip: running and intuitive eating.

The charity now lives a life filled with vitality and joie de vivre. Happy, the adventurous flight attendant glow in all her photos.

Her journey to the dream body was long – in the meantime, as a fitness coach, she accompanies others on their way to their desired weight.

Her transformation to more self-love and athletic fitness was rocky and difficult, but her goal was always: more quality of life.

1. Charity’s run to a new life

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In an interview with the portal ‘Popsugar,’ Charity Nelms remembers the time before the transformation.

“When I started working, I realized how incredibly hard it was on my body. I was traveling all the time, getting around the world and having adventures, but my body just couldn’t keep up with everything I loved to do,” she says.

So it was her dream job, more than anything else, that finally opened her eyes. She wanted to get her body in shape so she could live the lifestyle she had in mind – and do what she really wanted to do: “Namely, see the world,” Charity adds.

It all started with the app “Couch to 5K,” which she used to encourage herself to run. The app helped her develop an exercise routine and find joy in moving and strengthening her body.

A new interest in workouts took hold of her, and she began writing her workout plans.

“I bought how-to guides, used apps, and researched on YouTube. I never went to the gym but always figured out for myself what I was going to tackle on each day.”

Charity’s first significant victory was getting through a mile without stopping. “I cried like a kid,” she says, describing her first measurable sense of accomplishment.