8 Warning Signs Your Eating Too Much Sugar | Sugar Addiction

Eight warning signs should make you think about changing your diet. When the body is constantly exposed to too much sugar, it makes this clear through various symptoms. Fatigue, skin problems, and greater susceptibility to infections are just some of how the body reacts to too much sugar.

These eight characteristics, among others, indicate that the body is already overwhelmed by sugar intake:

1. Skin problems

Improve skin elasticity 

Another consequence of the loss of fluids through too much sugar is drier skin.

When the body can no longer process the excess sugar, the sugar in the blood binds to the proteins collagen and elastin.

These normally keep the skin firm and healthy. If too much sugar binds to them, however, they can no longer perform normally.

This leads to inflammation, skin blemishes, pimples, and acne, skin elasticity decreases, and wrinkles and cellulite appear more frequently.

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