Maggie lost 83 kilos With The Ketogenic Diet And No Gym

 Maggie Wells managed to lose 83 kilos on a ketogenic diet. But, instead of having a fixed goal in mind, she just focused on sticking it out for the next 24 hours.

At only 34 years old, I weighed over 136 kilos. My health suffered, but I worried about the memories my son would have of me most of all. For years, I had been too embarrassed to be included in family photos. If I were to die, my son would have no photos of us together.

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10. Become Confident in Yourself and Your Body

Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Losing weight has helped me become confident in who I am, inside and out. I no longer feel defined by my weight or let it dictate what I can and can’t do.

I’m proud of my accomplishment and learning to fully accept my body, even with loose skin. My physical transformation has boosted my self-worth and belief in my abilities.

Let your hard work empower you. Weight loss takes dedication and strength. Appreciate all your body can now achieve. Let your new confidence propel you towards your dreams. You are worth it.