What Food Contains Vitamin C And Fiber?

What food contains vitamin C and fiber is a great question if you’re looking for a balanced healthy diet.

Some people make the mistake of focusing on carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in their diet. 

They completely forget the other nutrients. Vitamins C and Fiber are necessary for a healthy balanced diet. 

Dietary Fiber makes you feel full, absorb water, promotes digestion, regulates the cholesterol level, and nourishes the intestinal flora

Also, Vitamin C plays an important role in metabolism and the nervous and immune systems. 

We all know that whole grains, pasta, and oatmeal are rich in dietary fiber is found. But with these foods, you only get fiber. 

In this article, we’re going to explore 10 superfoods rich in fiber and vitamin C. Some of them will surprise you!

So which foods contain high amounts of dietary fiber and vitamin C? 

Peas: 260g of fiber and 700mg of vitamin C

nutrition facts for peas

Peas are tasty and healthy. They taste great as a vegetable garnish, in stews, or even in salads. 

They are rich in fiber and vitamin C and contain other valuable nutrients like essential amino acids.

In 100g of Peas, there is 40g of fiber and 85mg of vitamin C. This is enough to cover 95{23a935e40810e147a9f2406802bc54b2b4fd42064446c8b6538bcc40c333c187} of your daily requirement for Vitamin C and 133{23a935e40810e147a9f2406802bc54b2b4fd42064446c8b6538bcc40c333c187} fiber.   

Peas contain minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Also, there is a high amount of protein in peas, so they’re a perfect alternative to meat and fish for vegetarians.