24-Hour Diet Keto: Lose 4 Pounds In One Day

The 24-hour diet sounds almost too good to be true.

This extreme diet is the most effective way to lose weight quickly and without the yoyo effect.

In just one day, you can lose up to four pounds (2kg) of your body weight and a pound of fat(1/2kg).

The 24-hour diet promises you the maximum fat burning promises.

But does this work, or is it a dangerous crash diet behind it?

We took a closer look at this revolutionary diet and evaluated the advantages and the dangers, and whether losing weight this quickly is healthy?

In this article, You’re going to find everything you need to know about this extreme diet and how it works.

What is the 24-hour diet?

The two creators of the 24-hour diet promise you maximum fat burning. 

With a little interval training and protein-rich food, you can lose up to 500 grams of fat and burn and one to two kilograms of body weight.

Dr. Michael Hamm and the Ecotrophologist Achim Sam are behind this concept.

Together they have written down the diet principles in their book “the 24-hour diet”.

However, they both insist that this diet is a method of losing weight, not a permanent form of nutrition.

The best way to do it is to take at least one week off between two diet days.

How does it work? 

The 24-hour diet is all about burning as much fat as possible within one day. 

Maybe you’re looking forward to a great event, you want to fit in one of your beautiful dresses again, or even better, the dress of you’re dream wedding. We’re here to help you. 

The 24-hour diet makes it possible by combining a low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet and a special exercise plan. 

The mains principle is to use body fat as fuel during the entire period of the diet.

To achieve this, you deplete the carbohydrate store in the first step, then the protein-rich meals, ensure that no muscle mass is lost.

The 24-hour diet might seem similar to the 36-hour fasting (Alternate Day Fasting) or the one meal a day diet.

But they’re very different. In the ADF, there is no exercise program.

And during the fast, only low calories liquids are allowed. 

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Instructions for the 24-hour diet: 

The 24-hour diet is a combination of a low-calorie, high-protein diet, and intense cardio sessions. 

You need to plan your meals with 800 calories for women and 1000 calories for men, divided into three meals. 

You start the evening before with a high-protein dinner of fish, eggs, or meat and low-carbohydrate vegetables, followed by a 60-minute interval workout, for example, jogging, swimming, or HIIT training.

The main goal is to reduce the body’s carbohydrate stores so much that it begins to burn more fat overnight.  

The next morning, the fat oxidation is running at full speed because of the low carbohydrate reserves. 

And a high-protein and high-fat breakfast cause fat metabolism to run even faster. 

Immediately after breakfast, you perform another extensive cardio session. 

You need to maintain the fat burning during the day. So lunch and dinner are also high in protein and healthy fats.

Other important factors:

  1. Four hours between each meal. 
  2. Snacks are allowed, but please make sure they are high in protein. Almonds, buttermilk, curd cheese, and blueberries are suitable.
  3. Seven to eight hours of sleep
  4. At least 2.5 liters of liquid in the form of water and unsweetened drinks

what is the science behind it?

Yes, the 24-hour diet works. But You won’t lose the 1.5 to 2kg in your sleep but through intense physical exercise.  

And it is more than is more 24 hours, because in the evening before you need a training session to deplete your carbohydrate reserves and signal your body “Now it’s time to burn fat!

According to a study published in Nature magazine, the 24-hour diet works, and it burns up to 500 grams of fat and 1.5 to 2kg of body weight.

The study results came as a surprise to Prof. Dr. Aloys Berg(who conducted the study at the University of Freiburg): “I would never have thought that it is possible to force the body to obtain its energy almost exclusively from fat after such a short time. Such high fat-burning values were previously only known from theory”.

Is the 24 diet keto suitable for everyone? 

The diet is designed for anyone with good health who wants to lose a few kilos quickly.

Competitive athletes can also use this diet because there is no muscle loss.

However, some endurance sports require a high carbohydrate intake. So for these athletes, this diet is of limit when they’re training or competing. 

and finally, the following groups should refrain from this diet:

  1. Obese persons (BMI >30).
  2. Underweight persons (BMI <18).
  3. People with eating disorders.
  4. People with chronic diseases: the kidneys, pancreas, liver, thyroid gland, or diabetes.
  5. Pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  6. Young people under 18 years.

The Advantages Of The 24-Hour Diet:

Increasing protein and fat and reducing the carbohydrate intake in your diet is usually a good idea: 

1- With the 24-hour diet, there are no hunger pangs, and you feel satisfied for a longer time. Because The body needs much longer to break down fats and proteins. 

And it has a positive thermal effect. So the body burns more calories.

2- Almost a quarter of the energy comes from proteins. So nothing ends up in your belly or hips. 

 Also, proteins are essential for muscle building, which can also help you lose weight.

3- fats and proteins are food with a lower glycemic index. So they keep your insulin levels Constant. 

4- Because in the 24-hour diet, the body uses fat as fuel; it reduces visceral fat. 

The visceral fat is so dangerous because it is mainly deposited on the abdomen and around the internal organs. 

5- the reduction in carbohydrates causes the body to produce less glycogen and has less water retention. 

6- No loss in muscle mass because there is an increased protein intake.

7- this diet can improve your gut microbiome. 

Disadvantages of the 24-hour diet

The exercise program is very challenging, especially for beginners, because it takes place on two days within a short time. 

The calorie deficit makes it impossible to maintain as a permanent nutritional strategy.

Anyway, This diet is not designed for several days in a row. So don’t worry about it.

If you start eating high carbohydrate and unhealthy diet again after the diet, the yo-yo effect is inevitable. 

Especially in the stress of everyday life, it is very difficult to implement a 24-hour diet.