Salad boats with chickpeas and tzatziki | Vegan diet

Salad boats with chickpeas and tzatziki is a great vegan recipe.

Besides, a large amount of digestive fiber from chickpeas, blood sugar levels are kept low. This makes you full for a long time and prevents cravings. Due to the protein present, the salad boats are good satiation and ideal for a slim figure.

If you plan ahead, you can also use dried chickpeas – they taste even better, and you can determine the amount of salt to use.

Salad boats with chickpeas and tzatziki


  • 200 g Chickpeas (canned; drained weight)
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • ¼ tbsp Turmeric powder
  • 1 Clove of garlic
  • ¼ Cucumber
  • 200 g Greek yogurt
  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice
  • 200 g Red cabbage
  • 8 leaves romaine lettuce
  • 2 stalks Parsley
  • 50 g Feta ( (45 {23a935e40810e147a9f2406802bc54b2b4fd42064446c8b6538bcc40c333c187} fat in dry matter))
  • salt and cayenne pepper
  1. Rinse and drain chickpeas. Heat oil in a frying pan. Roast chickpeas in it over medium heat for 5-7 minutes. Season with salt, cayenne pepper, and turmeric.

  2. Meanwhile, for the tzatziki, peel and finely chop garlic. Clean and wash the cucumber, grate half and slice the rest. Mix garlic and cucumber shavings with yogurt and lemon juice and season with salt.

  3. Clean red cabbage, and cut it. Wash lettuce leaves and parsley. Chop parsley coarsely. Crumble cheese.

  4. Add chickpeas, red cabbage, and cucumber slices to lettuce leaves.

  5. Finally, Sprinkle the parsley and feta and serve with tzatziki.

Nutritional values in 1 serving:


9 g (9 {23a935e40810e147a9f2406802bc54b2b4fd42064446c8b6538bcc40c333c187})


12 g (10 {23a935e40810e147a9f2406802bc54b2b4fd42064446c8b6538bcc40c333c187})


14 g (9 {23a935e40810e147a9f2406802bc54b2b4fd42064446c8b6538bcc40c333c187})

Added sugar

0 g (0 {23a935e40810e147a9f2406802bc54b2b4fd42064446c8b6538bcc40c333c187})

dietary fibre

4.4 g (15 {23a935e40810e147a9f2406802bc54b2b4fd42064446c8b6538bcc40c333c187})