Nutrition coach answers 5 questions about losing weight

With all the weight loss tips and tricks, it’s easy to lose track. Our Nutrition coach explains why strict diets are not always a good decision – and how healthy weight loss works.

On the Internet, circulate an overwhelming amount of Tipps and tricks to reach your desire weight fast.

Some of them are effective, but there are also useless tips that help weight loss and can even be unhealthy in some cases.

The result is then often the unpleasant yo-yo effect

Weight loss does not have to be at all so complicated. Our expert answers five important questions around diet and exercise—his motto: progression instead of perfection.

Because if you want to reduce your weight healthily and in the long term, you should respond to the individual needs of your own body and not put yourself under too much pressure.

1. What is the biggest mistake in a diet?

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If you pay too much attention to calories, you may supply your body with too little energy and sabotage yourself. That’s why we advise against crash diets.

Crash diets cause bad sleep habits, problems in the digestive system, and hunger pangs. 

So the goal is not to lose weight fast but to change your habits in the long term to specifically support the desired weight.

“I always say, ‘Diets suck,'” “Instead, I always aim for dietary changes.”