6 Simple Everyday Routines For A Flat Stomach – Besides Abs Workouts

Many people dream of a flat stomach, but unfortunately, this region is particularly prone to fat deposits. However, six simple habits can help you get a slim midsection.

Whether your goal is to get ready early for bikini season or you just want to feel better in your own skin, a flat stomach can go a long way.

If you’re craving a firmer midsection, follow these six tips to achieve your goal quickly.

1. learn to relax

Cheerful young fitness strong sporty woman in sportswear

According to a study published in ‘Psychosomatic Medicine, belly fat contains four times as many cortisol receptors, or fattening stress hormones, as subcutaneous fat – the fat that sits just under the skin.

That means when you’re under a lot of stress, fat moves to your belly faster than to other regions of your body.

Therefore, always stay happy and relaxed: Exercise regularly meditates during stressful periods and surround yourself with people who make you laugh.