7 Tips To Lose Weight Without Hunger And YoYo Effect | Stress-free 

Do you want to lose weight without being hungry? You don’t need a complicated diet plan. With these useful tips, you will successfully lose weight healthily without feeling hungry.

You can lose weight while sleeping with small changes, getting rid of some unhealthy habits, and mindfulness. A positive mindset is important – so it’s best not to put yourself under too much pressure.

The following seven tips will help you achieve a comfortable weight – healthy, long-term, and without having to give up anything.

Here are some success stories:

With a positive attitude, you will succeed in realizing your goals. Keep in mind the reasons why you decided to lose weight. 

1- Sleep and hormonal balance

Young woman sleep in the morning. Sleeping girl and alarmclock in bedroom at home. Student or schoolgirl afraid to wake up late. Alarm clock anxiety. Oversleep concept.

the body needs more than 7 hours of sleep to function optimally because many hormones such as ghrelin, leptin, and cortisol are controlled by sleep.

Poor sleep quality can lead to excessive release of the appetite hormone ghrelin, the stress hormone cortisol, and too little of the satiety hormone leptin.

When ghrelin is released in the stomach, it increases your hunger and inhibits fat metabolism. And with a permanent increase in cortisol production, the body is constantly under stress.

Also, poor sleep can inhibit The hormone leptin, which signals to the brain that the body needs energy stores. So the brain is continuously thinking the body is not full, and instead of burning calories, it stores them.