Lose Weight Despite Food Addiction: Saskia Has Halved Her Weight

Losing weight despite binge eating: In three years, Saskia has lost half her weight, 96 kilos (211 pounds).

For Saskia, the road to a healthy lifestyle was full of setbacks. But she made it and has fought her way to a vital, happy life. Her most important step on this path is learning how to accept and love herself.

For a long time, Saskia was tormented by her fears, worries, and hopelessness about her future. She felt like she would be trapped in her body and her unhealthy habits forever.

Many times the young woman tried to get her eating under control. But she couldn’t stop eating, even though she knew that this behavior was bad for her. 

Be at peace with yourself

It wasn’t until Saskia built a connection to her inner self that she actively fought her binge eating and changed her appearance for the better – she has since lost 96 kilos.

“You have to work hard on yourself. You have to accept that losing weight is hard,” she wrote in an Instagram post. 

“But you will grow, learn to love yourself, and even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, everything will be okay.”

Love yourself

But before Saskia could get closer to her goal step by step, she first had to make peace with herself and her body. 

Until three years ago, she felt mostly hatred and disgust toward herself. At that time, the young woman weighed 172 kilograms and was angry that her weight denied her so many opportunities.

She found herself in a spiral of negative thoughts, devaluing herself, bad-mouthing herself, and cursing her behavior.

“Until I realized one thing: The way I do all these negative things to myself, I can take good care of myself,” Saskia recalls. “I can take care of myself, regulate myself and achieve my goals: just like I had already done in many other areas of my life.”

This was the starting point for a long but very important process that eventually led her toward peace with herself and her past self. 

Today, Sassi knows, “No matter what hurdle you are currently facing in life, never do it because you hate the person you are. Do it because you want that person, that body, to be part of your future success.”

A healthy calorie intake

Low carbinterval fastingApple Cider Vinegar, And Black Seed Oil, weight loss shakes, even fat burner pills – Saskia tried all kinds of methods to get lean and healthy finally. 

The setbacks added up. After each success, she gained twice the weight back. But eventually, Saskia realized that her failures came from trying to squeeze herself into methods that didn’t suit her. 

She discovered that calorie counting worked well for her. “By accurately writing down everything I ate, I was able to keep track of how many calories I had.”

In doing so, Saskia didn’t divide foods into “good” and “bad” and deliberately built small, delicious exceptions into her daily routine. “I gained extensive knowledge about nutrition, cooking, and sports and now really enjoy it.”

With this joy, she would even like to support other people on their paths as a nutrition and fitness coach in the future and share her experiences in this way.

Because Saskia now knows how important it is to be mindful and to listen to your body. “Loving yourself doesn’t depend on a beautiful outer shell, but on relating to yourself,” she explains.

Accepting your own body

Saskia started her journey without having any real attachment to her body. “Every twinge, every muscle twitch irritated me and made me think something was happening to me,” she said. 

“I was exhausted after the smallest efforts and ashamed of the visual extent of my lack of self-care.” 

Over the past three years, her body became more and more like what she envisioned it to be. “That I will stand here SO one day. However, I did not dare to dream even in my wildest fantasies.” 

By now, Sassi knows that this person she is today had always been there inside her and just needed to be awakened. 

“I’m not perfect, but I don’t have to be,” she sums up. “I love who I’ve become, the life I’ve given myself, and above all, I thank myself every day for my health, but also very beautiful, body.”