Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting: Science Says It’s Only A Metter Of Time

Intermittent fasting, in particular, is becoming popular. Because apart from the weight loss, it has many positive health effects

Intermittent fasting is so healthy

According to this study already after four weeks, IF has positive effects on humans and without any negative side effects.

The researchers from the Institute of Molecular Biosciences used a relatively rare variant of interval fasting: 36:12. Is this the perfect fasting formula?

The popular form of IF is the 16:8 method: in which eight hours is reserved for eating – followed by 16 hours fast with no solid food.

So if you eat breakfast at 9 a.m, for example, you can eat lunch as usual and must stop eating by 5 p.m. from this point, only calorie-free drinks are allowed, like Water, tea, and coffee in moderation.

With the 5:2 principle, the plan runs not by the hour but by the day: On five days, you can eat completely, as usual, and fast in two days.

These days, the calorie intake is limited to around 500 calories for women and 700 for men. That is no more than a small meal. The Graz researchers chose a middle course for their study, “alternate day fasting” or 36:12.

Visible results after just four weeks

The researchers led by biochemist Frank Madeo randomly selected 25 to switch to the 36:12 fasting rhythm over four weeks. They wanted to explore the long and short-term effects of this diet.

Countless data from body fat to blood pressure, bone density to insulin levels were taken into account. And even the researchers were astonished by the results:

Already after four weeks, the participants had lost 4,5 percent of their weight and effectively lost belly fat.

Cholesterol levels and the proteins associated with aging fell off the roof. 

More muscles despite cheating days

constant eating is unhealthy, and fasting is a natural healing tool, and above all that, you also give the body time to process the food in peace. 

Some people think that fasting the body would consume proteins and thus promote muscle breakdown. But this is not true.

Another exciting effect of IF is autophagy: In autophagy mode, the body goes to proteins that have already been consumed, breaks them down into individual amino acids, and returns them to the body. This is why we observe that people who fast while exercising can build muscle mass. Our body uses old proteins to make new muscles and also antibodies.

Happy feelings during interval fasting.

In women, the period of autophagy already starts after 13 to 14 hours of fasting, in men a good hour later.

That’s why men, in particular, would benefit from a longer fasting interval. So the experts recommend that men fast for 18 hours.

In interval fasting, the body alternates between carbohydrate processing in the meal phases and fat burning, so-called ketosis, in the fasting breaks.

The ketone bodies in the fasting phase are a better energy source, especially for the brain. And these bodies can also help you deal with hunger, stimulate hormones that control mood, and prevent depression.

In addition, the hormone boost also has an anti-inflammatory effect – with various positive effects on health.

Even small steps help

That leaves the question of the ideal fasting interval. “I am a fan of 16:8. the other methods are challenging, which is why many people do not keep it up

And Every day you do interval fasting is a plus for your health.