30 Kilos Down, Out Of Depression – This Is How Lidia Did It!

Leaving mental illness behind and finding self-love. With a healthy combination of strength training and a change in diet, Lidia is a success story – she has lost over 30 kilos and found a new life. A good six years ago, the young woman weighed over 90 kilograms (200 pounds). At that time, comfort and self-loathing controlled her everyday life. 

“I was depressed and sad,” Lidia recalls in an Instagram post. The young mother convinced herself that she could not change anything about her body. “But I wished so much to be fit and healthy,” she explains. “I always wished so much but never took action.”But one day came the realization, “I stopped wishing and finally did something to pursue my goals.”

Lidia’s top 23 steps to lose weight healthily and sustainably

Lidia's top 23 steps to lose weight healthily and sustainably

If you want to change your life and lose weight, you need the right strategy—these top tips for losing weight from her personal experience.

Never forget that you are in control of your body – of how it looks and how it changes. You can fall into the next diet trap or blame other factors (like vacations, a busy schedule, or the weather) for making you gain weight.