4 Foods You Should Not Eat On An Empty Stomach – Healthy Breakfast

If you want to avoid problems in your gastrointestinal tract, you’d better not eat some things on an empty stomach. These four foods cause pure stress indigestion.

For many people, a healthy, balanced breakfast is the basis for an energetic day.

But what does healthy and balanced mean? Complex carbohydrates that sustainably fill you up, proteins that give you strength and fiber are already a good start.

However, there are also foods that you should avoid in your breakfast.

1. Raw vegetables

 attractive women enjoying breakfast with Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables are considered healthy – and that’s true: they contain vitamins, fiber, and minerals. But in the breakfast, because they extremely stress the digestion.

Flatulence is already a problem for many people, but raw food has a particularly stressful effect on an empty stomach.