The best chicken pot pie recipe in the world

Chicken pot pie is a simple and delicious recipe for a nutritious diner or lunch. It is a great addition to your table, especially at parties or family dinners.

It takes about 60 minutes to prepare it. And it contains about 198 kcal per piece.

[ads_custom_box title=”Ingredients for 1 serving:” color_border=”#e87e04″]1 fresh chicken (900 to 1200 grams) (no soup chicken), 200 g minced pork, 80 ml whipped cream, 3 eggs, 1 handful of canned green olives, 1 handful of canned whole mushrooms, slices of bacon, thin oil, mayonnaise with a neutral taste, salt, and pepper.[/ads_custom_box]

Healthy and delicious Chicken pot pie recipe

How to prepare:

Chop off the wings and legs with a sharp knife, then Cut open the breast from the neck to the bottom. 

Cautiously peel off the skin and place it on the table with the outside facing up and use white thread to sew up the holes in the wings and legs.

Place skin side down with outside facing down.

Separate chicken meat from bones and put it through the meat grinder. 

Add minced pork, egg, whipped cream, salt, pepper, and mix with a hand mixer till the mixture becomes more fluffy. Then add olives and whole mushrooms.

Heat oil in the pan, Break 2 eggs and pour them pour on the pan, and fry like a pancake in one piece. Then cut it into the 2-3 cm wide strips.

Fill the skin with the meat mixture, And put the bacon strips and scrambled egg strips in between. Then sew up the cold cuts.

Put some mayonnaise in a deep baking dish, put the pie with the seam down and close the baking dish tightly with a lid or aluminum foil.

Heat oven to 220 degrees, roast the pie for about 1 hour, then remove foil, brush pie with some mayo, and let it brown slightly.

You can serve the Chicken pie cold and cut into thin slices or warm, but the slices should be a little thicker.

And, of course, pull strings before serving.

Serve it with fresh brown bread or fresh baguette, or a mixed salad according to taste.