Julia lost 50 kilos: From Overweight To Miss Fitness.

The story of Julia is very inspiring. She lost 50 kg changed her life, and even ran for ‘Miss Health and Fitness’ in the American fitness magazine “Hers.”

During and after pregnancy, most mothers gain a lot of weight even if they had a healthy lifestyle. 

And that’s what happened to Julia. Even after the birth of her daughter, Julia focused on completely different things – the young mother did not pay attention to her diet. 

Here are Juila’s 3 top tips to help you in your weight loss journey. 

 1- Making healthy habits

Three years ago, Julia finally decided to lose weight and get fit again. From that point on, she turned her life upside down for once. 

The 27-year-old owes this remarkable result primarily to her iron will as well as a consistently positive mindset. 

To make this transformation possible, Julia had to change many comfortable habits. That meant getting up early, giving up dessert now and then, and, of course, all other unhealthy foods, and finally adding more exercise into her daily routine. 

What was a big adjustment at the beginning became easier and easier as time went on. That’s why Julia’s probably most important tip to anyone facing a similar journey is: “Stick with it long enough – eventually, your behavior will become a habit.”

2- Regular workout sessions

Within the last three years, Julia’s habits have changed back to a healthy lifestyle. 

“I started walking more, then jogging, then I went on the cross trainer, Stairmaster, and now my cardio is just intense spinning and running sessions.” Even a license to become a spinning instructor is now on the horizon.

Heavyweights are part of every good sports program, so a proper strength training program is also part of Julia’s fitness routine. 

Her part-time job as a volleyball coach also helps the young woman achieve her daily exercise workload. 

3- Weight loss is a lifestyle

Although Julia has had a remarkable journey, her fitness journey is far from over.

“Health and physical fitness is a lifestyle. It’s determination and taking control of your thoughts and actions,” she explains.