70 kilos Weight loss | Lisa Can Wear Her Favorite Clothes

Sometimes, she still can’t believe it herself: Lisa Allison was known as a chubby girl from childhood. But with determination and hard work, she manages to end her weight problem and loses almost 70 kilos in just two years.

When her friends went through each other’s closets before a night of partying to create fantastic new looks, Lisa Allison could only watch. Because slipping into her friends’ clothes was simply not possible.

Here are Lisa’s top tips for healthy and permanent weight loss.

1- Your childhood doesn’t define you

Lisa Allison’s weight loss didn’t come overnight – quite the opposite.

“My weight has been a lifelong struggle,” the brunette with the iron will tell.

“When I was eight years old, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. From that point on, I was the typical chubby kid, and unfortunately, that shaped my self-image and identity.”

As a result, even as a child and teenager, she tried various crash diets to get her dream body and boost self-confidence.

But none of them helped in the long run. In the end, she gained more weight each time because of the yo-yo effect.

2- A Promise to yourself

As an adult, Lisa then wants to tackle her obesity again by any means necessary and change her entire diet.

Finally, she promises herself in December 2015 to make one last attempt and not giving up until her efforts bear fruit.

After 2.5 years, she achieved what seemed impossible: she lost almost 70 kilos (155 pounds). And along the way, she developed a completely new relationship with her body.

3- Your success story can be an inspiration for Others

Her strong will still serve her well today. Not only to stay in shape but also to motivate others who want to lose weight.

Lisa now works as a coach and offers courses for both groups and individuals.

“My mission now is to give hope, provide support and take the hand of those who are struggling and show them the way out of the darkness of binge eating and obesity”, she announces on her website.

4- There’s no such thing as a perfect body

Lisa doesn’t present herself as an almost unattainable ideal but supports lifestyle habits and body positivity.

For example, she sometimes photographs down on herself at the beach to bring the stretch marks on her bare belly into focus.

In an endearingly perky way, she comments: “Just me and my stretch marks, enjoying life together.”