Free Full Body Workout Plan No Equipment At Home | No Dumbbell

Free full body workout plan, no equipment at home. If you introduce this plan to your routine, you will notice an extraordinary change.

Correctly performed, this exercise develops a high degree of balance, speed, coordination, endurance, and strength. 

If you have a desk job, these exercises are a great antidote to the limitations of sitting for hours on end because they strengthen the lateral mobility of the spine and stretch it.

Traction exercises:  build up your back and neck muscles, especially the large muscles of the back and the deltoid and trapezius muscles, as well as the

Biceps and forearms. 

These muscles are used every time you lift something in your everyday life and help keep your spine and shoulder blades. 

Skydiver: help build the muscles on the entire back of your body. In this way, you prevent a bad posture and your shoulders from slumping forward, two problems that often occur when people sit at a desk a lot.

Starfish:  This movement is involved in many different

situations and sports, for example, when you have to hit or swing a bat.

Deadlift: One-legged deadlift builds the muscles of the calves, the back of the thighs, the buttocks, and the back, which helps you stand up straight. 

Lunges: Lunges build muscle and strength throughout the lower half of your body and help reduce the load on the knee. 

Squats: The squat, or squat, is a great exercise to build up the muscles in your legs and back while developing endurance, agility, and coordination.

Lunges with side bend: These lunge variations build strength and flexibility in your upper body’s legs, hips, and lateral muscles. 

Here is a warm-up and cool-down to go with this warm-up.

1. Door Pull

Door Pull

Put a towel around the handle of a sturdy door. Grab one end of the towel with both hands and hold it tightly. 

Place your feet directly under your hands on the floor and wedge the door between them. Make sure your feet are stable.

Now lower your hips to the floor by extending your arms and bending your knees at a 90-degree angle. Maintain this angle throughout the exercise. 

Pull your upper body from using your back muscles and pull your shoulder blades together. 

Squeeze your abdominal muscles and keep your upper body upright. Then, extend your arms again and return to the starting position.