12 Best Strength And Flexibility Activities | Exercises: Hard Easy Medium

These exercises improve your strength and flexibility in the upper body and hip area. 

You must maintain good posture at all times during the exercise. In all three variations, focus on keeping your body in as straight a line as possible.

They’re different levels of difficulty, easy medium, and hard; you also strengthen the core through a controlled rotational movement of one leg, against which your core must stabilize you.

  • Bodyrocks: Bodyrocks target every muscle in your body, especially your core muscles, the big back muscles, and the shoulders.
  • High scorpion kicks: From your head to your heels and keeps your hips level with your shoulders. 
  • Three-point leg scissors: With this exercise, you build strength in the upper body, trunk, and legs.
  • Hip lift: This movement improves your lateral stability in the core area and strengthens the arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.

1) Bodyrocks in a push-up: Easy

Bodyrocks in a push-up: Easy

Get into the push-up position with your wrists directly under your shoulders.

Build body tension and pull your belly button inward. From this position, push your body as far back as possible without lifting your hips.

Then push forward by rolling over your toes and back again.

Keep your body straight throughout the movement. 

Make sure the movement is fluid, and push your body as far your body forward and backward as much as possible. 

Each repetition should only take one to two seconds.