6 Drinks: What Can I Drink During The Fast?

A few drinks make fasting easier and provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Water helps, but longer fasting intervals can cause certain deficiencies. 

With these little tricks, you can turn your drinks into low-calorie energy sources:

1. Herbal tea

Beautiful young woman drinking tea while resting at home

Many types of herbal tea positively affect the body and quench your hunger pangs. For example, chamomile tea soothes the stomach in case of flatulence and heartburn, while black tea and peppermint have a more stimulating effect. 

Herbal tea detoxifies the body and stimulates natural autophagic processes. You should avoid tea blends made from dried fruits for detoxification; however, sweet tea can be used as a low-calorie energy supplier on normal fasting days. 

Green tea contains many antioxidants and amino acids, which stimulate brain functions and break down harmful substances in the body.