10 Intermittent Fasting Myths You Should Stop Believing

Intermittent Fasting has become a real hype in recent years. Especially in the fitness and bodybuilding world, it has become the method to burn fat and stimulate muscle growth. But people who hear about Intermittent Fasting for the first time doubt the concept and don’t really believe in it.

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Myth 10: Breakfast Is Necessary To Boost Metabolism

attractive women enjoying breakfastThis myth persists because many people think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people believe skipping breakfast slows your metabolism, leading to weight gain. The myth is breakfast gets your metabolism going for the day. However, research does not support the idea that eating breakfast boosts resting metabolic rate. (sourcesource).

Your body has the same baseline energy needs in the morning regardless of eating breakfast or not. Your metabolism ramps up during the day based on activity levels, not food intake. People who skip breakfast do not have reduced resting metabolic rates (source).

Eating food requires calories to digest. So skipping breakfast actually leads to lower overall energy expenditure for the day. Your body simply shifts to burning stored fat when no food is coming in. As long as overall weekly calories are balanced, skipping breakfast does not cause weight gain.

Food companies have perpetuated the myth that breakfast is the most important meal through advertising. But human bodies are designed to function properly whether you eat breakfast or not. Listen to your body’s natural hunger signals in the morning. If you’re not hungry, there is no need to eat right upon waking.