7 Tips to Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau | No Weight Loss Progress?

You’re doing everything right. You’re exercising regularly and eating healthily. But, the number on the scale is the same.

Sooner or later, this can be pretty frustrating and affect your motivation. But the plateau should not be a reason for you to give up – on the contrary!

You can overcome A weight-loss plateau of a few days or weeks without much intervention. But a longer standstill on the scale that lasts several months should encourage you to make changes.

Here are some success stories to motivate you:

3 woman before and after successful diet

1. Determine the right calorie needs

Determine the right calorie needs

To lose weight, you need one thing: a calorie deficit, which means you are eating fewer calories than your body burns.

Calculate your daily energy needs and reduce your calorie intake by about 20 percent – no more. Keep in mind that your physical activity and workouts also have an impact, and you should add them to your total metabolic rate.

Knowing your total metabolic rate is very important. Because with weight loss, your body needs fewer calories than when you started.