30 Effective Beginner Exercises For A Flat Stomach and Abs | Six-pack

With this abdominal muscle training, you train your body center optimally. The 30 exercises are particularly effective and ensure a firm abdomen.
The bad news: It is not possible to lose weight only in the abdomen and neglect all other parts of the body.

To burn fat, you need to do a holistic workout that targets all muscles, and you should also integrate endurance sports into your training plan. However, with a bit of discipline, you can significantly reduce belly fat and work on your six-pack.

For sustainable muscle building, you should do abdominal training three to four times a week.

30 effective exercises for abs

With our abdominal training, the different abdominal muscles are addressed, and at the same time, your back muscles are strengthened.

Besides, you can do abdominal muscle training at home and without equipment.

Jump out of a crouch

30 effective exercises for a flat stomach and abs