Hula Hoop Makes Tit and Slim While Having Fun | Weight Loss

The hula hoop is a fun pastime and a way to get a great waist and a toned tummy. We explain how it works.

Slim by circling your hips to music? Lose weight thanks to hula hoop? Yes, sounds almost too good to be true! But it is true: what used to be silly kids’ fun now gives you a slim waist and a super-tight tummy – and lots of fun, of course.

The hula moves not only to look great but also effectively work out your core. We talked to influencer and hula hoop fan Charlotte Weise about how good hula hooping is for your body and mind.

What is Hula Hoop?

The hula hoop is something many people remember from their childhood days: it involves circling a plastic or wooden hoop around your own body. This is usually done with a smooth swing of the hips, but it can also be done with the legs, arms, or even the neck. Want to get a jumping top fit? Get our super-effective jump rope workout plan.

The fun of hooping was invented in the late 50s in America. There, a toy manufacturer decided to bring the first hoop called “Hula Hoop” to the market.

 The name was composed of “Hula,” a Hawaiian dance, and “Hoop,” the English term for a hoop. Hard to believe, but this simple toy sold an incredible 25 million units in 4 months.

The Hula Hoop used to be done just for fun is now considered a real workout. Even celebrities like Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and Zooey Dechanel love Hula Hoop.

How can I learn to hula hoop?

Just go ahead and practice. Practice makes perfect, just like juggling—you just kind of kept it up and integrated it into your daily routine.

Will there be a hula hoop workout?

Yes, because there will be if you spend enough time doing it. Not only is hula hooping a ton of fun, but it also gets your body in great shape. 

After all, if you take 20 to 30 minutes and circle the hoop around your hips, you’ll soon realize that it’s quite strenuous.

The cardiovascular system gets going, and the whole body is flooded with endorphins. Everyone loves turning on music and then just gyrating away with the hoop. It’s so liberating and clears the head. And give you a priceless feeling of happiness!

What does the hula hoop work out?

Besides the positive effect on the cardiovascular system (yes, the hula hoop is a real endurance workout!), the hoop, of course, has excellent effects on your entire body. Everything becomes firmer and slimmer, the blood circulation of the skin is stimulated, and the coordination is trained.

During the hula hoop workout, your entire body is under tension to keep the hoop up for as long as possible, which workout the muscles in the abdomen, legs, and buttocks are challenged. 

And this will give you a super slim waist and a tight stomach in the long run. And on top of that, a lot of fun and good humor.

Besides, in one hour of hula hooping, you can burn 900 calories. Awesome! And here we show you another calorie-killing move.

Which Hula Hoop should I take as a beginner?

women using the hula hoop

Not all hoops are the same! There are big differences in hula hoops. They vary depending on diameter, thickness, material, weight, and add-ons. For example, there are very light, thin hoops made of plastic.

These are more suitable for already experienced hula hoop fans. Since they are very light, it isn’t easy to keep them up at first.

Then there are somewhat heavier, thicker models, which are also made of plastic.

 They are ideal for beginners because they hold well on the hips thanks to their weight and are great for grooving.

What are good advanced hula hoops?

There are hoops with integrated weights or massage nubs. This makes the workout effect with the hula hoop even greater!

In the beginning, however, you should instead do without the weights, because it’s already quite difficult. So you should definitely approach slowly!

What should beginners to hula hooping keep in mind?

It’s best to watch Youtube tutorials or Instagram videos of already practiced hula hoop girls. You can learn a lot of tricks from them.

We recommend starting with a heavier hoop first. This may sound contradictory at first since a heavier hoop is more likely to fall to the ground. But the heavier the hoop, the easier it is to keep it up, you’ll see.

Bottom line: 

Sports and exercise can be a strenuous chore, or they can be fun and easy. Hula hoop brings back childhood memories, makes you fit, and a lot of fun. Grab a hoop and give it a try!