Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make

Often the diet and the sports program doesn’t even produce half as good results as they had planned. This can have a lot of reasons and to save you from frustration during your diet, we now share the 5 biggest weight-loss mistakes with you – so you can avoid them.


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Stress and negative thinking.

You decided to lose weight. It’s great that you’re motivated, but unrealistic goals and weight loss stress have a negative effect in the long run. The goal of weight reduction is to get healthy and to feel comfortable and self-confident. However, if you put yourself under pressure right from the start, you will never reach your goal. So take your time – good things take time. You have to see your body and your mind as a team, both working for the same thing.

You couldn’t resist after lunch and ate a candy bar. So what? The world doesn’t end, you don’t immediately gain weight from one calorie bomb. So don’t regret your decision and forgive yourself from time to time. If you waste a day without training, because you had some work, also okay, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. positive mind = positive body

Getting on the scale daily

Don’t do this to yourself! For many, checking the weight is part of their morning routine. You should avoid this in a slimming phase. Bodyweight fluctuates constantly depending on hormone levels, drinking habits, and much more. Also, if you expand your sports program considerably, you may gain weight, not because you’re doing something wrong but simply because of the development of muscle mass.

So maybe according to your scale, you may have “gained” one kilo in one day. and that can lead to frustration and demotivation.

Therefore we recommend that you do it only once a week, always at the same time. If nothing happens for several weeks, then try to break your routine and increase your workload. That’s why it’s even more important to vary your cardio and strength, keep trying new things, and run one extra mile.

Skipping meals

it might seem that giving up enough food is the perfect solution to lose weight. However, can lower your blood sugar levels and make you feel hungry and weak. so the body goes to an emergency phase where it starts creating reserves in the form of fat. Besides, you should combine a balanced diet with a good amount of sports and those who do sports need energy. This is the only way to reach your summer dream body.

Not enough physical activity

You should choose an exercise plan and it’s important to push yourself to your physical limit but also take a break.

concentrating on the same parts of your body is also bad for you. Ironically, the parts of the body where you lose weight first are usually the parts where you lose weight last. And of course, that depends on our genetic. So stop worrying about your ‘problem areas’ and focus on the progress you’re making.

You are trapped in your routine

It sounds banal, but it is essential. Because, if the journey to the dream body feels like a painful struggle, you won’t be able to hold out in the long run. Design your diet as well as your training plan as varied as possible. If you find it difficult to be creative, find a friend who walks the same path. Go running together, exchange recipes and exercises, attend courses together.


If you avoid these weight loss mistakes and remain consistent, nothing stands in your way and achieving your goal is inevitable. Above all, you mustn’t let yourself be discouraged by setbacks, failures are just as important as successes. Now get on with it and good luck!