18 Questions About The Sirtfood Diet: Lose Weight Like Adele

Uncover The secrets of Adele’s Amazing Transformation!

Adele stunned the world in 2021 with photos revealing her stunning weight loss journey. The Grammy-winning singer looked healthier and happier after slimming down significantly. Ever since fans have been clamoring to learn the details behind Adele’s transformation and the diet plan that fueled her success.

Dubbed the “Adele Diet” by many, speculation ran rampant online about the lifestyle changes and nutritional strategies that contributed to her results. While Adele herself was fairly private about specifics, certain clues emerged here and there.

Now you can discover the potential keys behind Adele’s slim-down and get an idea of what a typical “Adele Diet” plan may entail by scrolling through the 18 questions answered below. Click to reveal insights and health secrets that may surprise you!

Here are the top 18 questions about the diet answered clearly and briefly:

1. What is the Sirtfood diet?

two people discussing What is the Sirtfood diet?

The Sirtfood diet was created by British health experts Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten. It centers around foods containing high levels of plant compounds called sirtuin activators. Sirtuin-rich foods like kale, buckwheat, dark chocolate and strawberries contain polyphenols that stimulate our sirtuin enzymes.

These enzymes influence fat burning, sugar regulation, and even gene expression related to aging. By emphasizing sirtuin-dense whole foods, the diet aims to mimic the effects of calorie-restriction for optimized weight management. The diet follows a phase approach, using sirtuin-containing juices, smoothies and meals to safely cut calories and bolster metabolism.