Top 6 Tips To Help You Stick To Intermittent Fasting |16:8 Or 5:2

Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular weight loss methods. You eat only in a certain time window and fast the rest of the day. But, especially in the beginning, many have difficulties with it. Expert reveals how you can make the change easier. You fast in a specific time window, the remaining hours. 

Top Tricks to Stick To Intermittent Fasting

Top 6 Tips To Help You Stick With Intermittent Fasting |16:8 Or 5:2

Our expert is the Medical Society for Therapeutic Fasting and Nutrition chairwoman. And these are her top five tips that make interval fasting easier.

Interval fasting is effective for weight loss successes and without the yoyo effect problem – nevertheless, the conversion is difficult for many.