The 3 phases of the Sirtfood diet: lose weight with The Adele diet

Adele is back! The British singer is finally making a comeback after a six-year break. With “Easy On Me” the first single of her new album “30” was released. And it gets even better: Adele has already announced the new album.

Adele has lost more than 45 kilos. She owes this to the so-called Sirtfood diet. Here is a closer look at the Adele diet for you. 

The 3 phases of the Sirtfood diet

According to the creators of Googins and mats, one can lose with the Sirtfood Diät up to three kilos in the week – provided that one keeps to the strict Diät plan, which divides itself into three phases. But, of course, if you also do sports like Adele, you’ll boost calorie consumption and lose excess pounds even faster.

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Phase 1:

best sirtfood diet foods

The first phase lasts three days and is similar to fasting. However, only 1,000 calories are allowed daily in juices to detoxify the body and activate the cells’ self-cleansing process. Accordingly, during the three days, one can drink three green smoothies or juices and eat one sirtfood meal. [/ads_custom_box]