How to lose 10 kilos of weight healthily and sustainably For women

Losing 10 kilos is a big project. We will explain whether it makes sense for you and which measures to take to ensure a sustainable and safe weight loss. 

Before you embark on a weight loss project based solely on a number, make it clear to yourself why. Is your desired weight 10 kilos away? Have you gained exactly those 10 kilos recently for no good reason? Those would be understandable reasons.

Your goals should be guided by your own desires and needs, not celebrity, athlete, or role model. 

Let’s face it: losing weight is, though. But when you’re talking about losing a whole 10 kilos, it has to make sense and be doable.

The important thing to lose 10 kilos

Patience and self-confidence. Always remember that you are a human being and not a programmable machine. And an overweight woman will lose 10 kilos faster than a woman who is already on the final spurt to her desired figure.

Besides, everybody is different. So it’s important to give your body the time it needs. If you think you can lose 10 kilos in 4 weeks, you’re on the wrong track. 

How can I lose 10 kilos?

The first kilos are usually not the problem, rather the last ones. Those are particularly challenging.

First, you need to change your diet. They’re many diets; none is 100 percent effective. Often avoiding carbohydrates and sugar is a good idea. 

And the most important thing, however, is to find a fun sport. Where there are people you can laugh with sometimes, share the same mindset, and who will follow through.

Because that way you’re more likely to stay on the ball in the long run, you’ll motivate each other, and together you’ll get a good bit closer to the goal you’re aiming for.

For example, the Hula hoop can Makes lose weight while Having Fun. the goal is to lose weight while enjoying the process, not resenting every moment. 

The requirements to lose 10 kilos

10 kilos sounds like an extremely large amount for many women. Such a large weight loss is also not suitable for everyone.

Every woman who is above 15 percent body fat can pretty much benefit from a decrease in fat mass. So you should first measure your body fat percentage and then decide how many kilos you need to go for.

And, of course, only fat mass and not muscle mass should be reduced. So if you have a body fat percentage below or up to 15 percent, you should be somewhat cautious.

The reduction is ultimately appropriate based on various factors like history, weight, height, athletic activity, and losing the 10 kilos also play a role.

Calories deficit

You have to change your diet. Most people are used to eat more calories than the body needs.

So the most important thing is to create a caloric deficit. In other words, you need to eat less than you burn. And how much do you need is determined by your basal metabolic rate. 

But calories generally are not the defining factor. The quality of food is important too. 

Can I lose 10 kilos without starving myself?

You won’t get far by starving yourself because the body will not go along with the total absence of food for a long time, and certainly not if you want to train at the same time.

Extreme and above all, long-term starvation is not an option since this procedure offers no health advantage. An extreme deficit will severely slow down your metabolism. which tends to set you back in your project.

After 2 weeks, your natural survival mode will kick in and trigger cravings. So the game will most likely start all over again.

How do I know that I’m really hungry?

It would help if you eliminated stress eating the body learns to eat food because it needs energy. 

Because frustration eating creates even more frustration, so The form of nutrition must fit into everyday life and be feasible. You should avoid strict prohibitions when dieting.

How often do I need to exercise to lose 10 kilos?

In addition to nutrition, training also plays a significant role. The difficulty here is that training is at least as important but much more difficult to measure. 

Your starting point should not be too extreme because you want it to be physically sustainable for longer. After all, Long-term results are the most important thing. 

We recommend a training plan of 3 to 5 times a week for every woman. If you have hardly exercised before, it’s better to start the training at 3 sessions first and then observe the body’s reaction to exercise for 2 weeks.

Because training is good, but it also means stress for the body and needs an optimal recovery time.

How do I lose weight without losing muscle mass?

Many people think that losing weight always means losing muscle. But this is not true, because with the 10 kilos only the fat should melt. For this, a nutrition plan with enough protein is just as important as an effective workout. 

What is the best workout routine if I want to lose 10 kilos?

So losing weight only works through a combination of a nutrition plan and effective training. But what is the perfect workout to lose 10 kilos? 

The short answer is there is no such thing as the perfect workout to lose 10 kilos. Each person different and needs different workouts. 

It is important to cover endurance and strength, in particular, to train your cardiovascular system and strengthen your connective tissue. 

You need time and patience, so it pays to have a varied training program.

How fast can I lose 10 kilos?

Speed is not a sign of quality here. If you think you can lose 10 kilos in 4-6 weeks sustainably, you should quickly say goodbye to this thought. 

On average, it’s more likely to take 4-6 months to carry out an intelligent diet and then keep the weight off in the long term.

 However, the duration depends mainly on the initial factors. The higher the body fat percentage at the beginning, the less time it takes you to lose weight.

How do I avoid the yoyo effect?

The 10 kilos are down, and you reached your goal! But the road is not over. If you want to avoid the yoyo effect, you should make sure to slowly work your way out of the diet phase. 

But how does ‘dieting out’ work? “

You should increase the calories in small steps from week to week. This slow increase gives the body time to get used to the new increased food intake.

The metabolism learns to process more as more is supplied. 

The goal after the diet is to ultimately keep the metabolism as high as possible while gaining the least amount of weight with a tolerance range of 1 to 2 kilos.

5 golden weight loss rules

To make sure you lose 10 kilos, here a summary of 5 golden weight loss rules for you:

  • Make sure you reach a caloric deficit.
  • Eat as much volume as possible. The decision should, therefore, primarily fall on foods that make you full. This way, you will automatically eat the “right”, healthy and fiber-rich foods.
  • 80 percent of your calorie balance should come from unprocessed foods.
  • Don’t drink calories. Specifically, avoid alcohol, which has a very high-calorie density in a small volume.
  • Exercise 3 times a week. Especially so that the connective tissue remains as strong as possible despite the extreme reduction, sport can also create an additional afterburn effect through the muscles’ regeneration processes.