7 signs your diet is bad | Lose weight healthy and sustainably

Proud to have finally gone on a diet, but don’t feel good about yourself despite weight loss? Not a good sign! Better to rethink your weight loss strategy before your health takes a severe hit.

Persistent fatigue, dizziness, or headaches – what are the signs that your diet is unsuitable for you?

Seven signs that your diet is bad

Here are the first signs that should make you think:

1. More frequent and prolonged colds

Women have a cold and Weakened immune system

Do you observe a more frequent occurrence of colds, and do they persist more than usual? This could probably be because you are now deficient in important nutrients and minerals due to a severely calorie-restricted and/or nutrient-poor diet.

Also, a too low intake of protein weakens the immune system because, contrary to what you might think, it is our immune system’s primary building material and energy supplier.