25 Dieting And Weight Loss Myths – Misconceptions Or Facts

Weight loss juice miracle, magic supplements that turn your body into a fat-burning machine, Eating in the evening makes you fat, or Drinking water makes you slim- It’s confusing. Very few know what lies behind these weight loss myths. 

We have collected the 25 biggest diet myths and clarified which are true and what does not help with a diet against it.

In our workshops, too, we frequently hear questions from members who are confused by false information.

25 Weight Loss Myths

25 Dieting And Weight Loss Myths - Misconceptions Or Facts

So we took a look at the most common myths and did a deep fact-checking using scientific studies. Learn more about the biggest myths about losing weight and what lies behind them.

1. All calories are the same

Two fit Women On Diet Eating healthy Meal In Kitchen

Your body doesn’t process all foods the same way. And how quickly your body digests something can affect blood sugar levels, insulin levels, and fat storage. As an example, 100 calories of cake versus 100 calories of carrots. The number of calories is the same, but cake contains processed carbohydrates, while carrots contain more nutrients and fiber. 

Your body digests cake faster, which affects blood sugar and insulin levels, and the body stores most of it as fat.

On the other hand, carrots are digested slowly. You stay full longer and avoid overeating. 

Besides, Processed foods do not send the same satiety signal to your brain as whole foods. So you run the risk of overeating and gaining more weight.

25 Dieting And Weight Loss Myths - Misconceptions Or Facts