2-Minute Trick To Stop Your Cravings For Fast Food | New Study

If you can’t give up pizza, fries, and other unhealthy food, you should try this trick – it only takes two minutes, but it can positively affect your weight.

Some dishes smell so good that our mouths water. But, with a balanced healthy diet, you can enjoy them from time to time or on your cheat day.

However, if the craving increases even at the smell of fast food, this can cause you to gain more and more weight.

To prevent this, a team of researchers at the University of South Florida has now published the results of a study published, which contains a trick to stop these cravings.

The research team looked at how the small of food affects which food we choose.

The smell  can help with weight loss

According to the study, sniffing fries, burgers, and the like for two minutes can help stop cravings for them.

“The smell is a powerful tool to stop cravings,” says study author Dr. Dipayan Biswas.

During the research, study participants were exposed to two smells from an inhaler. One smell was from unhealthy foods such as cookies and pizza, and the other was from healthy strawberries and apples.

“Participants exposed to the cookie smell felt the need to eat a cookie after only 30 seconds,” Biswas explains.

However, if they were exposed to the cookie smell for more than two minutes, they subsequently chose the healthier option, strawberries, instead.

When the subjects inhaled the smell of pizza, the same effect occurred: After two minutes, they preferred to eat an apple instead of the fast food.

But beware: if you enjoy pizza, you should remember that this sniffing tactic alone is not enough to lose weight. Only the combination of a sustainable change in diet and exercise is the way to a healthy lifestyle.